"It starts with a shouten "Hiken!" and the Argentinian duo Elgier and Quinteros immediately let fly. He plays piano, she plays cello, and together they make more racket than most quartets, their chaotic improv conducted with a jerky energy that verges on the comedic. Explosive moments are balanced by subtler pasagges where the pair hunker … Continuar leyendo Hiken!


Por "the modern folk music of america" alex elgier and cecilia quinteros - hiken! 'hiken!' is a long form improvisation for cello and piano by the argentinian duo of alex elgier and cecilia quinteros. it's an abstract and energetic piece of music, starting with a vocal exclamation before diving into the languages and possibilities of the … Continuar leyendo Hiken!

AMN Reviews: Cecilia López / Amanda Irarrazabal / Cecilia Quinteros: La Corporación [Pan y Rosas pyr201]

The collaboration of acoustic strings with synthesizer can be a challenging. Both strings and electronics are capable of great timbral range, but of qualitatively different sorts. Combining them in real-time performance opens up many different possibilities, and therefore requires some judgment on the part of the collaborators. One such possibility is to set out a … Continuar leyendo AMN Reviews: Cecilia López / Amanda Irarrazabal / Cecilia Quinteros: La Corporación [Pan y Rosas pyr201]

ERIZA – arde –

Eriza – Arde By: Will Pinfold Released on July 18, 2016 via Pan Y Rosas Discos The poet Philip Larkin once, somewhat uncharitably, described Ornette Coleman’s great Free Jazz as a ‘patternless reiterated jumble’, but whereas to modern ears the Coleman double quartet’s sax/trumpet/bass/drums/clarinet lineup sounds quintessentially jazzy, the texture of Argentinian-based improvisational trio Eriza’s piano/bass/cello is … Continuar leyendo ERIZA – arde –


Review: Cecilia Quinteros + Wenchi Lazo – YAS 30 Jun 2016 / Posted in: Record Two instruments, two very different improvisatory circumstances. I hear Cecilia Quinteros’ cello through a very organic lens: the fierce strike of the bow, the fingers skipping up and down the neck, the sound rushing into the resonant wooden body of … Continuar leyendo YAS

  Rhabdoviridae o El azar y la necesidad  por Antoni Robert Gadea "Descriptivo, dirán algunos. Al escuchar estos sonidos percibo inmediatamente algo muy orgánico, muy cercano a momentos cruciales de la evolución natural. Tengo la impresión de ser testigo de episodios gloriosos o dramáticos de las vidas de seres primigenios que se enfrentan a lo … Continuar leyendo