Conde, Quinteros, Shocron, Diaz, Drury – “Geograficciones” (Different Track Recordings & Nendo Dango Records 2018)

“Geograficciones” is a new release of “Different Track Recordings”. Album was recorded by Luis Conde (clarinet, bass clarinet, alto saxophone), Cecilia Quinteros (cello), Paula Shocron (piano), Pablo Diaz (drum set) and Andrew Drury (drum set). The music by these great jazz masters is dynamic and adventurous. It’s filled with astonishing musical experiments, bright and moving solos, tremendous culminations, furious scandals or subtle pauses. Each improviser is experienced and talented – the musicians are on the central part of international avant-garde jazz scene for many years now. They are innovative, ambitious and always full of fresh, evocative and interesting ideas. Music is always based on avant-garde and experimental jazz, extraordinary and brave ways of free improvisation, roaring collective improvisations or sparkling solos. The improvisers gently fit together – they improvise individually, but still can fuse together absolutely uncompairable and contrasting episodes or melodies. Together they create luminoous, sparkling and fantastic sound.

“Geograficciones” is full of dramatic risings, furious blow outs, passionate and sparkling solos and special effects. Five great jazz masters create astonishing and moving sound, which has hot and blowing playing manner, active mood and roaring bursts of energy. Musicians are improvising individually, but manage to find the best way to combine everything in one place. The compositions have difficult structure, open form, are mostly based on spontaneous musical decisions, polyphony, sharp and modern harmony and wild free improvisation. Musical pattern is based on colorful and individual melodies, who are highly contrasting with each other. Jazz masters like to make a sudden twists, rolling turns, unpredictable stylistic changes or eclectic combos of manners, instruments or ways of improvising. Their masterful virtuosity, creativity and wild imagination is a key to tremendous, bright and luminous improvisations. Strict polyphony gently fits together with free improvisation, consonances meet the dissonances, simple and repetitive series – bordering, shocking and spontaneous solos, sparkling passages or dizzy glissando. The contrast is the main element of the musical language – musicians get one against the other absolutely different and scandalous themes, timbres, sounds or their own created playing techniques. Dynamic rhythmic is very wide and always in change – breaking sessions, static and roaring beats, wild fast and free solos, passages or trembling arpeggios are fused together with turbulent free improvisations, gentle, soft, romantic, tight or silent excerpts. The melodic line also is solid and effective. It’s colorful, bright and moving. Luis Conde is a great reeds player. His clarinets and saxophones are rising, tremendous and enchanting. Player creates huge spectre of emotions, moods and expressions, who are strongly expressed in each improvisation. Hot and sharp playing manner, bebop and free jazz synthesis, wild fast solos and passionate melodies are the main elements of his improvisations. Melodies are genuinely brought together – it’s flowing, rising all together to dramatic culminations, furious scandals, bright and turbulent energy’s explosions, romantic excerpts, light and sweet pieces or silent pauses. There’s also many weird timbres, fantastic special effects, exotic combos or simply crazy ideas, who also finds his own place in the music. Paula Shocron piano melodies are moving, scandalous and terrific. Pianist also has hot and sharp sound, which is based on synthesis of bebop and avant-garde jazz. Wild free and flowing passages, colorful glissando, dizzy and blowing melodies are connected together with imaginary harmony, roaring and aggressive breaking sessions, rigorous and sharp repetitive chords sequences, who accompagnie the melodies all the time. There’s also are pauses, sudden abruptions, romantic pieces or relaxing and meditative moods, who are heard in piano music. Piano and reeds contain solid, effective and marvelous melodic section. These two instruments keep active, roaring, scandalous and aggressive mood, create effective and innovative sound of the compositions. Cecilia Quinteros cello is soft, charming and remarkable. Improviser gently fuses together weird timbres, effective special effects, innovative and experimental ways of playing, new ideas of improvising and fresh expressions. Deep and tight tunes contain the bass line – it’s solid and stable. Splashes, twinkles, sparkles, weird timbres, extraordinary musical decisions, bright and moving solos, wild fast and vibrant passages are just a small part of moving, adventurous and multi-colorful melodic line. Improviser tries to express and reveal wide range of experimental playing techniques and demonstrate unheard abilities of cello. That’s managed to do very well – cello improvisations are like different side of the compositions, which is highly contrasting with other instruments. Pablo Diaz and Andrew Drury create a splendid drum section. Sparkling, blowing and roaring drum rolls, breaking rhythmic sessions, repetitive rhythms sequences, weird timbres, special effects, aggressive, hot and crazy explosions or calm, stable and relaxing moods – all these elements contain the main part of drum section. Musicians use inventive and adventurous ways of playing, franzy decisions – their solos are the mix of driving mood, terryfying and bursting energy explosions, wild, expressive and free improvisations and masterful playing technique. The music of this album has expressive, bright and remarkable sound.



HIKEN! – Cecilia Quinteros & Alex Elgier

Pan y Rosas presenteert ‘€˜Hiken!’€™, een vrije improvisatie van bijna een half uur door het Argentijnse duo Alex Elgier en Cecilia Quinteros. Na het uitroepen van de titel zet het tweetal meteen hard in met volkomen vrij en fel spel op piano (Elgier) en cello (Quinteros). Na een minuut of twee daalt de rust in en zet Elgier donkere, kalme tonen neer, waar Quinteros met korte piepende en knarsende streken op antwoordt. Zo ontrolt ‘€˜Hiken!’€™ zich verder. Rustige, bedachtzame passages en opgewonden spel komen organisch uit elkaar voort; bijna stiltes – af en toe slechts een bijzonder zachte tik op de snaren – en fel, nerveuzige fragmenten wisselen elkaar af. Zoals je mag verwachten bij een goede improvisatie luistert het tweetal goed naar elkaar, reageert het op elkaar en slepen Elgier en Quinteros elkaar mee in hun bewegingen. Een enkele keer zet met name Elgier fragmenten van suggesties van een melodie neer, die al even snel weer uiteenvallen. Een mooie passage: hoe langer de streken van de celliste worden, hoe meer er felle aanvallen op de pianotoetsen bijkomen. Als geheel een mooi resultaat, met evenwicht in inbreng, dat misschien niet bijzonder verrassend of onderscheidend is, maar absoluut met smaak kan worden genoten. Ook bij herhaalde beluistering. Gratis of tegen vrijwillige bijdrage te downloaden vanaf de site van Pan y Rosas.

Por Gonzo Circus


HAITI – adelanto del disco –


Sergio Merce: saxo tenor
Cecilia Quinteros: cello
Marcelo von Schultz: batería

Invitado: Christoph Gallio: saxo alto y soprano

Toda la música por HAITI y Christoph Gallio.
Grabado el 13 de abril del 2017 en Estudio Libres, Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Técnico de grabación, mezcla y master: Sam Nacht.


Diseño gráfico: Cecilia Quinteros / Imagen: Sergio Merce